Board Leadership

Meet the team of people who help make the Miracle League of Massachusetts a rewarding and positive experience for everyone involved.

Program Director

Lauren Richardt,

Board of Directors

Andy Richardt, Chairman

Andy is the chairman of the board for the Miracle League of Massachusetts. As one of its original founders, he has been fortunate to watch many athletes grow from outstanding kids to amazing adults. When not hanging out at the Joseph Lalli Miracle Field, Andy enjoys running road races with his son Henry, playing soccer & hiking with his daughter Emily, and playing for the Crows Nest in the Acton Adult Softball League. Most importantly, has been the proud husband of Lauren for over 16 years.

Fun Fact: Andy has consumed thousands of peanut butter & jelly sandwiches over the years.

Lauren Richardt

Lauren co-founded the Miracle League of Massachusetts in 2008 as she was unsuccessful in finding a program where her son could participate in a group sport. She plays a major role in the day to day operations of the league. She is continually amazed by the huge number of volunteers, young and old, who give up time on Saturdays to help make this league a success. After moving from Chicago to San Francisco, Lauren, her husband and two children now call Acton, MA their home. Prior to having children, she worked at Ernst & Young as an auditor and then a financial consultant in their Mergers & Acquisition department.

Fun Fact: Lauren once shot a video in Kevin Youkilis' basement... a promotional video for the Miracle League of MA, that is.

Laurie Avakian, Treasurer

Laurie Avakian lives in Concord with her husband David and two boys. An big supporter of the Miracle League, Laurie has watched the league grow from 4 teams to 10 teams in the past ten years. Andy and Lauren had a dream and made it happen with the Miracle Field. In her spare time, Laurie enjoys being in the outdoors: walking, biking and camping.

Fun fact: Laurie's an avid canoe adventurer, some of her extended camping trips took her along the Green River in Southern Utah, the Penobscot River in Maine, and the Saco in New Hampshire. She recently white water rafted down the Kicking Horse River in Yoho National Park, Canada. Finding that much easier, she's hooked and excited for more white water adventures.

Anne Mullaney

Anne Mullaney lives in Concord.  She and her husband Matt have two daughters.  Having spent many years watching her girls play softball, she recognizes the thrill of every pitch thrown and every bat swung, regardless of the results.  Anne is a creative marketer at heart (and a marketing professional) and enjoys coming up with new ideas to keep Miracle League athletes and volunteers excited.  

Fun fact: Anne has competed at the USTA national tournament three times.

Prow Sarns

Prow has been involved with Miracle League since 2008. Her son, Justin, who has Congenital Muscular Dystrophy, plays both in the Fall and Spring seasons. Prow checks out bulletin boards and internet for opportunities to try something new. She loves how events bring people together to explore and learn from each other. You'll find Prow, her husband and two other kids at many of the area community events, from festivals to bike rides, either behind the scenes volunteering or simply enjoying the people and participating in the event.

Fun Fact: Prow and her three kids traversed the USA from Boston to the beaches of Los Angeles and back through Canada in a round trip adventure of 7000 miles and 4 weeks in a Convertible MINI Cooper.

Mark Scheier

Mark lives in Acton and has practiced law in Acton since 1973. He and his wife, Rebecca, have two children and two grandchildren. Mark is chair of the Board of Directors of AccesportAmerica, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping disabled children and adults achieve high function and fitness.

Fun Fact: Mark has been the Acton TV commentator for Acton Boxborough football for ten years.

Joe Vesey

Joe is a Project manager at Medicus Healthcare Solutions. He showed up at Miracle League one Saturday morning and never left. Better known to all of the Miracle Leaguers as Coach Joe, he started out as a buddy and was recruited as a coach. If you watch a game, you'll be taken by the strong relationship Joe has with his players and their families. Joe and his wife, Lynn, also coordinate an end of year party for all the players and their families.

Fun Fact: Joe's a big Patriots fan and loves to golf, but never gets to play.


Honorary Board Members

  • Mary Shertenlieb
  • Rich Shertenlieb